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  • Anshu Anand (Founder, Anshu Anand & Advisors)
  • Arvind Kanaujia (Director, Alpinesoft IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)
  • Abhijit Chatterjee (Ceo, Abhi Technologies)
  • C P Singh (CEO, Smart24x7 Response , Services Pvt. Ltd)
  • Bhupendra Renjen (CEO, Global Nexus)
  • Vivek Mittal - (Director Hr, Shobhit University)
  • Virendra Kumar ( CEO/CIO, Investment Consultants)
  • Kumar Gandhi (Founder, Ariga Foods)
  • Tanjeet Singh (General Manager - SME Cluster Sales Enterprise, Tata Tele Business Services)


An hour long Digital CXO Round Table that aims to focus on Business growth through Digital Transformation for the SMEs segment. In a bid to identify the best practices in the domains of Technology innovations and Digital Transformation, the forum is being organized to discuss, brainstorm and dialogue on capturing the leadership expertise and insight towards accelerating the business journey with Digital Transformation. Digital Transformation is an ambitious program across the globe with a focus of preparing the Countries for the digital age that we are witnessing now. The objective of the forum is to discuss the various stopgaps and opportunities around building and sustaining a digital moat that is complete, wide, and deep. Digital transformation in businesses has to encompass a holistic approach towards rethinking the way an organization thinks, organizes, operates, and behaves. In the face of Unknown and technology changing at an exponential rate, it is imperative that we take the practical challenges encountered seriously and align the same with innovations, trends and users’ perspectives. Fortunately, we are not without our tools. We, at the forum, wish to exchange best practices, thoughts and ideas to shape the future of work, culture, customer and intelligence and global growth.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Big Digital transformation has happened in education sector during the covid era, and it is a continuous process.

  • IT companies has gained a lot during covid time, The companies who have kept the pace while using technology have survived.

  • IOT platforms and contactless services has emerged during Covid era, Corporates has started contactless attendance and travel companies have started contactless services like payment mode using barcodes.

  • Digital transformation has emerged, but companies need to invest in the IT infrastructure to secure their data and services.

Leader Quotes

Abhijit Chatterjee, Ceo, Abhi Technologies

pandemic was challenging for everyone and taught us the digital lesson, we were in dilemma whether we will be able to support our clients and employees during COVID but thanks to digital technology we are able to help our clients and trained our staff who were hesitant in using technology.

Vivek Mittal, Director Hr, Shobhit University.

In education sector there are four parameters- admissions,teachings,exams & placements and to function smoothly we have gone completely digital , while providing basic tools and technology to staffs, teachers and counselors so that teaching should continue and took this time as an opportunity to automate the entire process.”big transformation has happened in education sector and it is a continuous process”

Arvind Kanaujia, Director, Alpinesoft IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

IT Companies are the ones who have benefited the most during COVID era and the companies who have kept the pace while using technology have survived and gained growth.

C P Singh, CEO, Smart24x7 Response , Services Pvt. Ltd.

we have used IOT platform to serve our clients while using contactless delivery, contactless attendance system and RFID tags. We have digitized the entire process for companies who operates in travel business.

Tanjeet Singh, General Manager - SME Cluster Sales Enterprise, Tata Tele Business Services.

SME organization are price centric and look for plug and play solutions and we as an organization has developed IOT, Cloud, connectivity and security solutions for them.we have diversified our products considering thr demand of new product so that business should continue.

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