Digital Transformation is a journey not a process:


  • Anubhav Kumar (Owner - Kumar & Kumar)
  • Ashok Tacker (Principal CEO - Tacker Technologies Pvt Ltd)
  • Tanjeet Singh (DGM -Tata Tele Business Services)
  • Kanav Agnihotri (Founder & CEO - Kantell Stories with Toys & Parrot Innovations)
  • Payal Rastogi (Founder & CEO - CarbonFixers)
  • Sachin Goel - (CEO - Westinghouse Appliances)
  • Vishal Ahluwalia (MD- Nirmal Foods)
  • Ashu Agrawal (CEO - India Advisor, Asia Tech Journal, Co-founder-Grip Legal)


Digital transformation has always been associated with Technological change predominantly. Digital transformation in business is a holistic approach to changing the way an organization thinks, organizes, operates, and behaves. Digital transformation does accelerate the following aspects in the business journey towards transformation. a) Customer behaviour’s; b) Technological change; c) Business models; d) Societal change. In the face of Unknown and technology changing at an exponential rate, it is imperative that we take the practical challenges encountered seriously and aligning the same with innovations, trends, and users’ perspectives. Digital transformation asks businesses to reimagine and rapidly realize new ways of working and satisfying consumer expectations. The meaning of Digital Transformation varies for each organization and comes with different tools to address the unique challenges of each business. As disruptive technologies and companies continue to raise consumer expectations, business environments (stretching from products and services to manufacturing and marketing) are constantly changing. Digital business transformation closes the gap between what consumers expect and what their traditional business models can deliver. We should certainly deliberate whether the digital transformation journey will help facilitate the survival of an organization in the next 7 years.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Mo and Pop shops has no option left but to go online and during pandemic, Covid era has pressed the digital button.

  • Digital Transformation is the need of the hour, Companies are left with no option but to adopt technology for day today operations.

  • We are living in a digital world where technologies play an important role. Technology has not only helped companies to function during the challenging time but also helped the environment in the form of carbon credits.

  • Digital transformation has emerged during pandemic, which is good for the business, but we need to secure our data which is the new oil in the market.

  • For some companies covid works like blessing and disguise because it has given them the time to innovate and come up with new ideas which can be transformed into business realities using online tools and technologies.

Leader Quotes

Vidushi Kapoor, Deputy General Manager, Tata Tele Business Services

Pandemic brought challenges along with it but WFH connectivity was not one of them for us. Staying connected with offices in other cities requires digital infrastructure, processes, and practices in place, hence WFH didn't impact us

Gaurav Varshaney, DGM - Regional Marketing, Tata Tele Business Services

In the last 1.5 years, the SME Sector of India has actually led the whole journey of digital transformation pretty fast by adopting to technologies like Cloud computing, cybersecurity.

Anurag Kapoor, Managing Director, GHVAccelerator

Its employees who make organisation and vice versa so its imp to make them comfortable with any change. We realised that efficiency was better while working from home, they were saving travel time and from revenue point as well things get better when people think from their comfort zone

Sandeep Sharan, Founder, Cognizione Consulting & Solutions Private Limited

The service industry has not been impacted that much because a lot of innovation has already taken place in terms of collaborative tools and cloud platforms.

Gaurav Singhal, CEO , Blue Digital Media Private Limited

A major shift has happened in the mindset of the people. And it's happening every 3 months. We have been lucky enough to have a team who have realised their responsibility and taken up amidst all challenges.

Naveen Sharma, Chairman, Athena Ventures

Digital innovation will now be a part of our daily business life and its advantages will remain forever since it's now integrated into our system. This will also pave the path for future innovation to come and be accepted readily.

Vidushi Kapoor, CEO, Process Nine Technologies

The challenge now is work from home fatigue and how we can bridge that and still keep spirits high and warmth and connectivity going. The opportunity which any digital aspect brings along is efficiency, saving of time and cost!

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