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To increase the efficiency of government facilities the applications for citizens-centric services as well as at the end of the day the government wants its citizens should get the facilities in the best way and the implementation of the project should be done at the grassroots level so the idea to create applications to emerging Technologies like the internet of things blockchain or Artificial Intelligence which is known as emerging technologies or industrial revolution 4.O, I supposed also state governments Further strengthen IT ecosystem as well as they will provide citizen-centric services in an efficient manner.

Tusharkanti Bahera

Hon’ble Minister for Electronics & IT, Sports & Youth Services and Home, Government of Odisha
Technology has arrived to us as a fixed good, the lived experience of citizens is feeding into how the policy is need to change, which is what is making government smart, transparent, and accountable. So now the citizen and government are walking tandem hand in hand. The government was smart earlier, but now citizens are becoming smarter they are able to use the loopholes in the policy so they are teaching the feedback loops is too way now which is very important.

Mugdha Sinha

Secretary, Department of Science & Technology, Government of Rajasthan
Digital transformation is more dependent on the proactive governance. Like now, it's should not be reactor governors with somebody is coming to the government offices for government centers to get the services rendered how we can reach out to the citizen in a way we have lot of data with the citizen and how we can minimise the document burden of the citizen. Madhya Pradesh through MP state electronics Development Corporation is working in this area where we are creating a single citizen database where in all stock information of citizen and the documents references will be stored in a single season database and will try to minimise the document burden.

Abhijeet Agrawal

Managing Director, M.P. State Electronics Development Corporation, Department of Science & Technology, Government of Madhya Pradesh
I think a digital transformation is the only solution we can cater to and the role of government has to change the way we have to move from from paper to the computers and now even beyond that it should be more productive should be more analytical that the citizens are able to get services which they are eligible for without actually put some effort by think any kind of growth any kind of Transformarion and any kinds of development at you want to see in the country will only be driven through technology.

Snehil Kumar Singh

Director, Kerala State IT Mission, Department of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of Kerala
Government of Telangana has been working on emerging Technologies for quite some time way back, you know from 2018 onwards when we set up our emerging Technologies Swing so a range of Technologies have been identified under emerging Technologies such as artificial intelligence blockchain cloud drones iot and so on and and also for each of these technologies we actually come up with specific Framework where we identify key pillars and Key domain areas as in the sense department like agriculture law enforcement public distribution.

L Ramadevi

Director - Emerging Technologies & OSD, Department of Information Technology, Electronics & Communications, Government of Telangana